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Jaywant Institute of Medical Sciences

Dear students / parents,

The Jaywant Institute of Medical Sciences is a educational institution imparting exquisite medical training to scholars through a health care professionals , situated amidst nature, bolstered up by the Shetkari Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Rethare (Bk). In campus, scholars to learn about the mending science of medicinal herbs through a sound education culture. The advanced infrastructure conjoined with the efficient administration effects the best mental and emotional ambience of learning in the institution. The scholastic lectures and training sessions of competent teachers principally base the intellectual renovation of the scholars. The treasure of ancient wisdom is divulged before the students and the conventional medical concepts are critically conceived in Ayurvedic parlance.

The college operates a well-equipped one hundred bedded teaching hospital with Outpatient , Inpatient , essential laboratory facilities and a semi-independent pharmacy. The medical research wing better known as the scientific research sector presents with transformative researches in the Ayurvedic sector.

DR.VARSHA A DESHPANDE, MS Streerog, Prasutitantra